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The Thali Set includes: 1 Karvi Pooja Plate, 1 Ghanti (Bell), 1 Kuber Diya, 1 Jal Patra (Lota), 1 Agardaan, 1 Roli Chawal Katori
Create a meditative and peaceful ambiance in your puja room with this brass Pooja Thali set.


Set Contains 12 Items - 1 Thali (30 CM), 4 Chandan Vatis (Katoris) (5 CM), 1 Kankavati (Kumkum Chawal Holder) (5 Cm), 1 Lota (6 * 6), 1 Glass (6 CM), 1 Spoon (12.5 CM), 1 Divi (3.5 CM), 1 Takori (8 CM), 1 Incense Stick Stand (5 CM)
Create a meditative and peaceful ambiance in your puja room with this brass Pooja Thali set.


Brass Urlis are used as decorative bowls to float flowers and Diyas which is a part of the Indian festive decorative tradition. To enhance the fragrance in your home, add a few drops of your favorite essential oil or rosewater to the water in the Urli. This traditional, antique brass Urli makes for a good option for the spiritual and festive decor of your home and is an ideal item for gifting.


This aromatherapy spray is formulated to heal, energise and balance each of the seven Chakras. Our Chakras relate directly to our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health.

This spray works uplift, ground, and clear away emotional debris while stabilising mood. Made with Vegan & Organic Ingredients and 100% Pure Therapeutic Essential Oils.


Our skin works hard to protect us from the stresses of a changing environment and activities of modern life. Activated Charcoal comes in this powerfully detoxifying and purifying soap. While charcoal gently exfoliates and draws impurities from skin’s surface, Dream Flower - a natural antiseptic - gently cleanses, soothes tired skin and reduces redness and irritation. A moisturising, skin-nourishing treat! 

This wonder cleansing bar is loaded with healing and detoxifying botanicals to help draw out impurities and toxins from deep within your pores without over drying, resulting in a clearer, smoother and brighter-looking skin! 

Our luxe soap bar works up a rich lather and rejuvenates the skin. It can be used daily on your face and body. Especially good for oily, acneic, and combination skin. 


Capture the magical and comforting aroma of Christmas with our Christmas Eve Candle. 

This candle is simply beautiful and screams luxury. The "little black dress" of candles, with its rich, deep black glass jar that creates a refined appearance. Each jar comes with a matching lid for just the right amount of pop. This candle is a showstopper! 

Notes of Holly & Cranberry envelope you in their warm, intriguing fragrance like a cozy, fuzzy blanket. Rich Vanilla complements the elegant undertones of Brown Sugar and Apple in all the right ways. This scent is strong, unique, and perfect for any occasion. 

This fragrance recreates that magical anticipation and mid-winter wonder that heralds the coming together of family and friends in a joyous celebration full of good cheer! Perfect for gifting this holiday season!  


Nothing warms the house on a cold winter day quite like a deliciously scented candle. As the wild winds blow and the landscape transforms itself into a winter wonderland, be welcomed home by the delightfully warming and sweet fragrance of our Christmas Ornament Candles! 

Ramp up the festive ambiance in your home with our flickering Ornament Candles. These warm and wintery fragrances will imbue your living room with notes of Vanilla and Amber for that sweet, comforting blend we all associate with the holly-jolly festive spirit! 

Delicately balanced to deliver total relaxation, these candles combine soothing scents that exude pure tranquillity - a fragrance that is sure to bring warmth to your home, even on the coldest days.  


If you're ready to swap out your favorite fall flavors, pumpkin spice votives, and perennially great candles, for comforting, wintery vibes, you're in luck! Our quintessential Christmas Tree Candle is the way to tap into the magic of the Christmas season! 

Christmas is many things. It’s sipping hot cocoa in a cozy cottage. A roaring fire. It’s clementines, spices, and oranges. These evocative festive moods have all been distilled into candles that will instantly transform your home into a winter wonderland! 

This is a one-of-a-kind candle in the shape of a festive yule tree which makes it the perfect holiday ornament! 

Whether it’s setting the mood for a dinner for two, creating a cozy vibe for enjoying that holiday romcom, or just warming up a room, this Christmas Tree Candle has got your back! 

The coffee lover in you will certainly be drawn to this particular soap. Mixed in with a rich scent of Brazilian espresso coffee and walnut extract, this soap proves to be a natural sunblock and prevents sunburn and wrinkles.

The anti-inflammatory properties of caffeine in coffee help minimise under-eye redness and inflammation. It also helps prevent the build-up of blood under your eyes which contributes to dark circle formations.


A vintage Copper Lota in a new-age avatar. Rendered with a clean, matt finish, this Copper Kalash is perfect to make your Tamrajal for Poojas.
Create a meditative and peaceful ambiance in your puja room with this copper lota.


This Set includes: 1 Copper Jal Patra (Lota), 1 Copper Achman Spoon
Create a meditative and peaceful ambiance in your puja room with this copper prasad container.


Our Crown Chakra Candle smells like an enchanting meadow fringed with sprigs of lavender! 

This candle brings us back to the soothing space we need to discover our connection with the Universe.  It can be used to enhance your mediation practice or just to serve as a reminder of your intentions and desires. Place in a sacred space and light it with warm loving energy.

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