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The Root Chakra or the Muladhara is the first chakra. Its energy is based on the earth element and is associated with the feeling of safety and grounding. It is at the base of the chakra system and lays the foundation for expansion in your life. 

Infused with Myrrh essential oil, the candle has a delightfully earthy tone and a strong woody base which creates a fragrance that is both warm and sophisticated.  Our Root Chakra Candle promotes magical properties of grounding and centering down into the divine protection and energy of Earth.


Valentine's Day is coming up which, naturally, marks a great opportunity to show your partner how much you love and appreciate them. If you're marking the occasion with a big night (cooking dinner, romantic playlist on, romcom – the works), then you're going to need some mood lighting to help set the right vibe. 

Honouring the beauty and femininity of the Moon and the masculine fire of the Sun, this is the perfect way to tell your special person that they complete you! 

Notes of heady, sensual Lavender and Hyacinth, sugary Honey and Vanilla and, of course, the eternally romantic Sandalwood will create an ultra-relaxed vibe! 

This natural candle is both luxurious and sustainable, which will add a touch of subtle elegance to your evening! 



Dedicated to the romance and splendour of a balmy autumn evening, our Cypress candle is reminiscent of days exploring magnificent landscapes, ancient villages and vineyards that are fluttering with rich, crunchy leaves. 

The wonderfully deep fragrance of this candle evokes the essence of waning forests full of cypress trees. Invigorating pine needles are beautifully blended with thyme, citrus, and notes of bergamot are expertly combined to prepare this luscious blend. 

If you’re looking for an elegant home fragrance to lift your spirits and whisk you away to an ancient paradise that has inspired generations of great masters, it’s time to lose yourself in the spellbinding essence of this candle! 


The Third Eye Chakra or Ajna means "perceive," "command" or "beyond wisdom" in Sanskrit. It is the chakra of intuition, which resides between the eyebrows. 

This candle helps open up the third eye chakra, helping to see past the distracting details and hone our intuition. It is scented with Sandalwood and topped with Lapis Lazuli and Amethyst crystals. 

Aromatherapy has powerful healing properties to help ease the mind and awaken subtle psychic energies and feelings of intuition. Therefore, this candle is designed to awaken your third eye consciousness. 📿


Infused with Patchouli essential oil, this candle has a rustic, earthy tone - reminiscent of a damp forest after the rains! 

Enigmatic and mystical, our Patchouli candle arises from an exotic elegance that transports us to faraway cabins in the woods! 

A candle revitalised with a subtle hint of rich dark woods and warm spices that will immerse your home in the addictive charm of Patchouli - now presented in its most earthy, humid and balsamic form.


A festive ensemble that is sure to raise your sibling's spirits! This Rakhi gift box is inspired by the opulence of Rajasthani culture - a set of handcrafted Terracotta Diyas, 1 Meenakari Box with Organic Kumkum/Roli, and Chawal, 1 luxury Kundan Rakhi, all enclosed in a traditional Shagun box! An assortment so unique and grand, it elevates the festive vibe! 

Keeping the tasteful yet traditional Rajasthani aesthetics in mind, this Rakhi box redefines vintage luxury! In bright hues, this gift box celebrates your siblinghood for all it is - joyful and zesty! 

When sophistication is second nature to your sibling, celebrate your bonds of love with elegance! An ode to the sibling who inspired you to take the lead and wander! 



Valentine's Day means couples on steroids. You can’t bear any more chat from your loved-up friends about where they’re being whisked away to by their one and only. Boasting about day trips, romantic dinners, and exotic flower bouquets... But, don’t panic! We have created the perfect Anti-Valentine Candle to soothe your nerves! 

On a serious note, for some Valentine's Day is a day of chocolates, flowers, and cuddles, but for others, it is a day of sheer and utter depression, torment, and heartache. If you aren't celebrating the power of romantic love and want to avoid it for the day, take time out for yourself and celebrate a self-care day instead! 

Self-care is about acknowledging who you truly are, and truth is, you are a Queen! So, If you are unsure how to tap into your fabulousness, light this candle and meditate, recite affirmations or simply relax and slow down. 


Nothing says "date night" like a bouquet of roses, but who wants flowers that will wilt within a few days when the scent of this longer-lasting candle is just as good? 

Infuse the air with our Heart Pillar Candles – a fun and fruity fragrance inspired by first kisses. Surround yourself with delicious notes of Dark Cherry, Ripe Plum, and Pomegranate Seeds that dance together with Rose, Cherry Blossom, Iris, and Jasmine. 

We particularly love the medley of red and white which instantly stand out on a shelf making it perfect for the person who brightens up your world! 

We can’t get enough of this wonderfully warm, floral, sophisticated fragrance and all agree that it sets the scene for romance! 


Nothing warms the house on a cold winter day quite like a deliciously scented candle. As the wild winds blow and the landscape transforms itself into a winter wonderland, be welcomed home by the delightfully warming and sweet fragrance of our Christmas Ornament Candles! 

Ramp up the festive ambiance in your home with our flickering Ornament Candles. These warm and wintery fragrances will imbue your living room with notes of Vanilla and Amber for that sweet, comforting blend we all associate with the holly-jolly festive spirit! 

Delicately balanced to deliver total relaxation, these candles combine soothing scents that exude pure tranquillity - a fragrance that is sure to bring warmth to your home, even on the coldest days.  


This holiday season, whether you’re planning a cozy soirée on your own or an intimate dinner-à-deux, setting the mood is crucial – and nothing says warm and inviting quite like a festive candle! 

Inspired by the joys of Christmas – our Snowflake Candles come in a blend of Vanilla, Marshmallow, and White Chocolate. These candles will feel so festive, glowing brightly on the mantlepiece whilst giving off a sweet, fragrant Christmassy scent. 

Block out an evening in your diary just for you – read a book, run an extra indulgent bubble bath, apply a hair mask, bake a cake, or something in between. Kindle a soul-soothing glow at home with our candles! 

These luxurious snowflake candles will get you in the holiday spirit and make any home smell like it’s ready for Santa’s visit!  


If you're ready to swap out your favorite fall flavors, pumpkin spice votives, and perennially great candles, for comforting, wintery vibes, you're in luck! Our quintessential Christmas Tree Candle is the way to tap into the magic of the Christmas season! 

Christmas is many things. It’s sipping hot cocoa in a cozy cottage. A roaring fire. It’s clementines, spices, and oranges. These evocative festive moods have all been distilled into candles that will instantly transform your home into a winter wonderland! 

This is a one-of-a-kind candle in the shape of a festive yule tree which makes it the perfect holiday ornament! 

Whether it’s setting the mood for a dinner for two, creating a cozy vibe for enjoying that holiday romcom, or just warming up a room, this Christmas Tree Candle has got your back! 


Capture the magical and comforting aroma of Christmas with our Christmas Eve Candle. 

This candle is simply beautiful and screams luxury. The "little black dress" of candles, with its rich, deep black glass jar that creates a refined appearance. Each jar comes with a matching lid for just the right amount of pop. This candle is a showstopper! 

Notes of Holly & Cranberry envelope you in their warm, intriguing fragrance like a cozy, fuzzy blanket. Rich Vanilla complements the elegant undertones of Brown Sugar and Apple in all the right ways. This scent is strong, unique, and perfect for any occasion. 

This fragrance recreates that magical anticipation and mid-winter wonder that heralds the coming together of family and friends in a joyous celebration full of good cheer! Perfect for gifting this holiday season!  

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