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Valentine's Day means couples on steroids. You can’t bear any more chat from your loved-up friends about where they’re being whisked away to by their one and only. Boasting about day trips, romantic dinners, and exotic flower bouquets... But, don’t panic! We have created the perfect Anti-Valentine Candle to soothe your nerves! 

On a serious note, for some Valentine's Day is a day of chocolates, flowers, and cuddles, but for others, it is a day of sheer and utter depression, torment, and heartache. If you aren't celebrating the power of romantic love and want to avoid it for the day, take time out for yourself and celebrate a self-care day instead! 

Self-care is about acknowledging who you truly are, and truth is, you are a Queen! So, If you are unsure how to tap into your fabulousness, light this candle and meditate, recite affirmations or simply relax and slow down. 

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