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Bhoomi – The Earth Boutique is a daughter company of Soul Discovery, India. The idea of Bhoomi emerged when we set out on our pursuit for spiritual products, embracing Aromatherapy based products in 2016. We were very clear in our minds that every blend or concoction we offer will be crafted using divine blessings and channeled recipes. All the recipes are developed by our Founder, Sakshi Deswal. She is the Head Aromatherapist and Formulator, and we have a dedicated team who carefully put together all of our blends to ensure they bring high vibe magic into your sacred space - the products are prepared using finest quality ingredients and are specially made for purposes like Meditation, Energy Healing, Psychic or Mediumship work. Our collection of products are entirely organic and made with pure mystical finesse and care. We respect Mother Nature and we use 100% natural organic vegan ingredients. Every element of our products is ethically sourced, and at no stage are any of our ingredients tested on animals. We use Eco-Friendly & Recyclable Packaging.

Founder, Bhoomi – The Earth Boutique – Sakshi Deswal

(+91 – 9999328579)

Founder, Soul Discovery – Parul Khanna

(+91 – 9740021200)


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