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An Aura is energy that thinly surrounds you throughout your life. At times, it can be susceptible to picking up on negative outside influences. Aura Protection Oil is a soothing, peaceful oil made to cleanse your aura once it's been bogged down by negative energy collected throughout the day. This also acts as a shield to ward off negative influences from entering your aura/home. 

This oil is a bursting kaleidoscope of pure and cleansing essential oils that possess properties that are known to ward off negative energies and that purify and promote positive vibrations that will realign a healthy and glowing aura.


This aromatherapy spray is formulated to heal, energise and balance each of the seven Chakras. Our Chakras relate directly to our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health.

This spray works uplift, ground, and clear away emotional debris while stabilising mood. Made with Vegan & Organic Ingredients and 100% Pure Therapeutic Essential Oils.

A great gift for you or a friend who needs to feel uplifted, or starting a new chapter in their lives, or expecting a new beginnings. It is a great way to cleanse and rid old energy and step forward into the new. 

Use this vial during your meditation practice as it helps organise an overactive mind into more linear thought, preventing one from getting caught up in worry over the past or future, and inspiring you to work through issues of the present. It is also ideal for rejuvenating one’s creative power and refining mental processes. A treat for all chakras! 

Ideal for someone wanting to clear the mind and focus on what they want to manifest in order to make it a reality. 
Our Egyptian Priestess Chai Tea comes from a collection of exceptional teas from the fabled gardens of Darjeeling, India. Art of the earth, this tea is steeped in beauty and culture to cherish! 

Veiled in the clouds and nurtured by the pure mountain rain of the Himalayas, this coveted tea is unlike any other. Its exquisite flavor and complex bouquet are nature’s rare gifts.

Boost your sense of well-being with this uplifting and aromatic infusion crafted for its antioxidants. With notes of Cassia, Cardamom, Cloves and spicy Ginger, this tea is warm and comforting.

Revitalize your mind and body with this invigorating tea rooted in time-honored Indian traditions!


Infused with Patchouli essential oil, this candle has a rustic, earthy tone - reminiscent of a damp forest after the rains! 

Enigmatic and mystical, our Patchouli candle arises from an exotic elegance that transports us to faraway cabins in the woods! 

A candle revitalised with a subtle hint of rich dark woods and warm spices that will immerse your home in the addictive charm of Patchouli - now presented in its most earthy, humid and balsamic form.


This all-natural lavender handmade soap is carefully crafted to produce an incredibly mild, soothing, and nourishing bar. 

Each of the skin-loving organic oils and butters were meticulously chosen to offer not only smooth, soft, radiant skin, but also a thick, long lasting, and fluffy lather. 

The calming scent of French Lavender will soothe your soul, and refresh your spirit. The lavender buds give a gentle, natural exfoliation!

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