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This candle oozes sensuality, spice and luxury. Inspired by everything we love about autumn - warm desserts, reading books in bed, walks in the park, and cinnamon on everything! 

As your beautiful candle melts, you’ll be intoxicated by the essence of cloves, nutmeg, and cinnamon. Presenting a complex blend tenderly enhanced with frankincense; this deliciously aromatic candle has a hint of wild fig and cassis, and the rich base notes of sandalwood, cedarwood and musk. 

This spicy candle is simply perfect for Autumn evenings - with a welcoming fragrance that marks the change of season.


A vibrantly scented candle which is simultaneously warm and spicy, creamy and sweet! This Spiced Amber + Clove Leaf candle is wonderful for the autumn and winter season! 

The fragrance of this candle encapsulates the joyous and unmatched feeling of crisp autumn walks bundled up in scarves and boots, with orange leaves crunching underfoot and the anticipation of Christmas and the New Year hanging in the air. 

The fragrance initially excludes fresh top notes of Ylang Ylang and Orange Peel, and as your candle starts to burn, the room will fill up with a scent of hearty Cinnamon and Clove Bud, and warm notes of Nutmeg, Sandalwood, and Musk.


These Diyas are an ode to the festival of lights and the lovely season of fall! One of our favorites, you’ll love this warm blend! 

This festive scent is a warming fall fragrance with an invigorating spice flourish. Fragrant top notes of Cinnamon, Nutmeg, and Cardamom intermingle with the Clove and Black Tea. Clove makes up the heart of the fragrance, while Vanilla base notes add a creamy, toasty character. If “sweater weather” was a scent it would be this one! 

Spice up that cozy corner of your home or send a gift to new homeowners this fall. Whatever you do, relax while enjoying this autumn seasonal scent. Perfect fall fragrance that pairs perfectly with a warm blanket and a good book! 


A rich and comforting scent of autumn – a magnificently versatile Five Wick Luxury Candle! 

For a good transitional scent that seems to fold both the balminess of summer and the coziness of fall all into one aroma, go with our Bohemia Candle! 

The fragile vanilla orchid forms the perfect counterpoint to the oaky and caramel-rich vanilla bourbon, spiced with star anise. Warm and enveloping. 

This candle takes on an ethereal glow when lit to fill your home with exceptional design and fragrance all at once. 

In a wooden bowl, this comforting five-wick candle is perfect for a fireplace or outdoor setting – burn it for hours of indulgence on a special occasion, or every single evening, as you wish!  


Capture the magical and comforting aroma of Christmas with our Christmas Eve Candle. 

This candle is simply beautiful and screams luxury. The "little black dress" of candles, with its rich, deep black glass jar that creates a refined appearance. Each jar comes with a matching lid for just the right amount of pop. This candle is a showstopper! 

Notes of Holly & Cranberry envelope you in their warm, intriguing fragrance like a cozy, fuzzy blanket. Rich Vanilla complements the elegant undertones of Brown Sugar and Apple in all the right ways. This scent is strong, unique, and perfect for any occasion. 

This fragrance recreates that magical anticipation and mid-winter wonder that heralds the coming together of family and friends in a joyous celebration full of good cheer! Perfect for gifting this holiday season!  


Nothing warms the house on a cold winter day quite like a deliciously scented candle. As the wild winds blow and the landscape transforms itself into a winter wonderland, be welcomed home by the delightfully warming and sweet fragrance of our Christmas Ornament Candles! 

Ramp up the festive ambiance in your home with our flickering Ornament Candles. These warm and wintery fragrances will imbue your living room with notes of Vanilla and Amber for that sweet, comforting blend we all associate with the holly-jolly festive spirit! 

Delicately balanced to deliver total relaxation, these candles combine soothing scents that exude pure tranquillity - a fragrance that is sure to bring warmth to your home, even on the coldest days.  


If you're ready to swap out your favorite fall flavors, pumpkin spice votives, and perennially great candles, for comforting, wintery vibes, you're in luck! Our quintessential Christmas Tree Candle is the way to tap into the magic of the Christmas season! 

Christmas is many things. It’s sipping hot cocoa in a cozy cottage. A roaring fire. It’s clementines, spices, and oranges. These evocative festive moods have all been distilled into candles that will instantly transform your home into a winter wonderland! 

This is a one-of-a-kind candle in the shape of a festive yule tree which makes it the perfect holiday ornament! 

Whether it’s setting the mood for a dinner for two, creating a cozy vibe for enjoying that holiday romcom, or just warming up a room, this Christmas Tree Candle has got your back! 


Our Crown Chakra Candle smells like an enchanting meadow fringed with sprigs of lavender! 

This candle brings us back to the soothing space we need to discover our connection with the Universe.  It can be used to enhance your mediation practice or just to serve as a reminder of your intentions and desires. Place in a sacred space and light it with warm loving energy.


Dedicated to the romance and splendour of a balmy autumn evening, our Cypress candle is reminiscent of days exploring magnificent landscapes, ancient villages and vineyards that are fluttering with rich, crunchy leaves. 

The wonderfully deep fragrance of this candle evokes the essence of waning forests full of cypress trees. Invigorating pine needles are beautifully blended with thyme, citrus, and notes of bergamot are expertly combined to prepare this luscious blend. 

If you’re looking for an elegant home fragrance to lift your spirits and whisk you away to an ancient paradise that has inspired generations of great masters, it’s time to lose yourself in the spellbinding essence of this candle! 


Our David bust candle is inspired by Michelangelo's David statue, which has become one of the most recognized works of Renaissance sculpture, a symbol of strength and youthful beauty. 

Sometimes, the simplest designs can make the biggest impact in a space—and this bust is proof. Made of Soy Wax, this luxe sculpture candle adds an elegant touch to mantles and accent tables with ease. 

This candle has a classic gourmand fragrance for any room, any time of year. This candle has notes of Vanilla Bean, Buttercream, and White Chocolate and is rounded out by a hint of Bourbon. Vanilla creates a calm and comforting atmosphere with its warm, sweet scent. 

The David candle makes a great housewarming gift, especially for the house-proud interior lover! 


Awaken your inner goddess with our Goddess Candle! 

A candle reminding you to be in tune with your inner divine feminine energy, an awakened woman full of strength, creativity, nurturing energy, wisdom, and confidence. 

Ignite that flame within you, light this candle as a reminder to awaken that strong, powerful goddess that you are! 

Our Goddess Candle is a blend of sweet and sultry fusion of Vanilla and Caramel with rich undertones of White Chocolate and Marshmallows. 

These stunning female body candles are great for decor, to add to your altar, or to keep as a reminder for body positivity and self-love. 


Made from the nectar of flowers by driven honeybees, beeswax emits a sweet, subtle, honey-like fragrance. 

Our Hand-Rolled Beeswax Candles feature a distinctive honeycomb embossed texture. As they burn, the layers of beeswax become translucent creating a soft and balmy glow. 

With natural golden tones, these beautiful candles will glow and fill your room with the warming sweet scent that only those wonderous little bees can create! 

Beeswax candles purify the air around you, they burn longer and cleaner than candles made with other waxes, they are beautiful to look at in display or use. Let these candles light up your home and bring health to your space! 

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