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Healing Inspired by Mother Earth

Bhoomi - The Earth Boutique brings you the best of Metaphysical products - each one chosen with intention focusing on the highest of quality.

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What our customers have to say about us

Bhoomi has taken my meditations to another level. The Sprays, Candles and Oils are amazingly effective. My personal favourites are the sprays, which actually bring enlightenment in my aura and peace all around me.

Deepali Sial

/ New Delhi, India
I absolutely love how these products are designed. The candles seems to have a great influence in my meditation practices. It feels like I am inviting the Angels and Divine energies to be a part of my meditation process.

Krishna Sagar

/ Kochi, India
On your spiritual journey, I am sure sooner or later you will stumble upon these products. These have been infused with special energies and I am sure you will feel the benefits as I have, in feeling grounded and protected or just amping up your vibes!

Vijeta Ahuja

/ Noida, India
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