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Chakra translates to “wheel”. The seven chakras in the body are distinct energy centers that stem from the bottom of your spine and reach at the top of your head. 

Chakra balancing helps restore a harmonious flow of energy across all the chakras. The effect of it often translates into a feeling of well-being, relaxation, grounding, increased vitality, and embodiment of oneself. 

An effortless way of balancing your chakras is by using the 7 Primary Chakra Oil Blend - works best in conjunction with your Meditation/Yoga practice, anointing candles, or using it topically!

Programmed to enhance the energy of magnetism, the Abundance Oil allows gifts to be received graciously & transformation to commence, for the mind, body and spirit. 

We curated this blend to help cultivate a more focused energy towards developing a prosperous mindset.


The All-Archangel Invocation Oil vibrates with Angelic power of Archangels including Gabriel, Michael, Zadkiel, Raphael, Jophiel, Metatron, Chamuel, Uriel. 

The oil is hand blended with tender love and care, they have also been ritually blessed and charged.  Works best with Angel Healing and Therapy work.


An Aura is energy that thinly surrounds you throughout your life. At times, it can be susceptible to picking up on negative outside influences. Aura Protection Oil is a soothing, peaceful oil made to cleanse your aura once it's been bogged down by negative energy collected throughout the day. This also acts as a shield to ward off negative influences from entering your aura/home. 

This oil is a bursting kaleidoscope of pure and cleansing essential oils that possess properties that are known to ward off negative energies and that purify and promote positive vibrations that will realign a healthy and glowing aura.


Our sweet Love & Harmony Oil is blended with an array of herbs and essential oils believed to attract the sweetest things in life such as love for self and others, beauty, and the ability to raise your vibration! 

This blend will help you balance your heart chakra and regulate emotional love, empathy, compassion, and dissipate feelings of anger and jealousy. 

It is perfect for when you need a warm and happy sunshine spirit in your life!


The Psychic Connection Oil helps in liberating your Third Eye and tapping into your psychic potential. This oil blend is designed to establish a deeper bond with your Clairvoyance abilities and give you an extreme vibrational boost! 

For best results, use this oil by anointing your Third Eye. This is an excellent tool to add to your energy work!

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