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Spray to open the pathway for your desires to come to fruition. When using this spray, visualise your dreams and intentions and pour that energy into the Universe. 

Our Manifestation Spray helps empower you to send positive vibrations out into the universe and open up to receiving them back.


Our sweet Love & Harmony Oil is blended with an array of herbs and essential oils believed to attract the sweetest things in life such as love for self and others, beauty, and the ability to raise your vibration! 

This blend will help you balance your heart chakra and regulate emotional love, empathy, compassion, and dissipate feelings of anger and jealousy. 

It is perfect for when you need a warm and happy sunshine spirit in your life!

  These assorted vials are great for meditation, Reiki, amplifying intentions, manifestation rituals, or as a part of your altar! 

- Grounding Vial: This vial helps in grounding your energy in a way to balance your spiritual and physical energy by creating a connection between you and the Earth or Universe. When you are properly grounded, you feel more present and physically aware. 

- Psychic Connection Vial: This Vial specifically contains all relevant herbs, crystals, and intentions that aid your upper chakras and your psychic awareness. It gives protection, dispels negativity, and assists with clearing psychic blockages. 

- Self Love Vial: This beautiful vial will help you achieve some much needed self-healing time. This vial radiates a high vibrational frequency that enhances the energy of love, passion & Goddess Essence. Place it in your sacred space or include it in your meditation or yoga practice.
This whimsical unicorn soap bar is perfect to pamper yourself with some fun! This luscious soap can be used as hand or body wash. Delightful, cute and merry, it is the perfect pick-me-up! 

Transform your bath time into a rare, enchanted world when you use our rainbow-hued soap, scented with a rainbow of delicious fruits such as fresh lime, juicy pineapple, sun-kissed orange, and raspberry cotton candy, rounded off with clouds of dreamy vanilla! 🍭

The pastel colours of the soap really pop and make a cute gift for kids or even adults who still adore anything jolly!

If you’re looking for a morning cuppa to satisfy your need for some “get up and go” while leaving your tastebuds as refreshed, then you’ll absolutely love this black tea! 

The intensely refreshing flavour of this tea will tantalise your senses as the brisk aroma will carry you away on your own personal ray of sunlight. 

This is one of the most intriguing teas you’ll ever taste: full-bodied, malty, and creamy. This brew boasts a rich, deep, reddish hue - a reflection of the passion that goes into the preparation of each individual cup of perfection! 

Our tea is carefully designed with the intention to slow down, take time for yourself and embrace a moment of stillness. From the first sip to the last drop, this tea will inspire you to take on the day! 


Characterized by the expression of will, personal power, and manifestation abilities, the Solar Plexus Chakra or Manipura regulates the fire within! 

This sunny and bright candle will help you take some time to restore yourself to the Powerful Being you are and empower you to release mental blocks and acknowledge your self-worth! Works best with manifestation rituals and meditations!

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