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Introducing our premium organic green tea, Aphrodite Magic, a true treat for all tea lovers!

This wonderful green tea is grown in high mountain tea estates of Darjeeling. 

A well-balanced and alluring tea in our selection. It has a floral, vegetal taste with transient hints of avocado and corn. Producing a deep yellow infusion intertwined with earthy flavours!

A perfect treat for rainy afternoons! A brew will see you through!


We are not only dedicated to delivering our tea drinkers quality teas, but also passing on our passion for tea. 

White tea makes a delicate brew with a fresh, mild and sweet flavour. The infusion produced by this tea is pale-yellow, with a wonderfully enticing aroma with a very refined, subtle, but deliciously rounded flavour. 

Gathered only for a few days in the entire year, the dedication to perfection is evident in the pale, ivory coloured infusion. The lingering fragrance of our tea leaves is delicately floral, with a warmed sugar sweetness and a subtle hint of vanilla. This tea feels refreshing, soft and airy on the palate. 

Perhaps the most refreshing of tea types, this white tea can be drunk throughout the day. Expect sweet honey notes and light vanilla flavours! 

Our Egyptian Priestess Chai Tea comes from a collection of exceptional teas from the fabled gardens of Darjeeling, India. Art of the earth, this tea is steeped in beauty and culture to cherish! 

Veiled in the clouds and nurtured by the pure mountain rain of the Himalayas, this coveted tea is unlike any other. Its exquisite flavor and complex bouquet are nature’s rare gifts.

Boost your sense of well-being with this uplifting and aromatic infusion crafted for its antioxidants. With notes of Cassia, Cardamom, Cloves and spicy Ginger, this tea is warm and comforting.

Revitalize your mind and body with this invigorating tea rooted in time-honored Indian traditions!


Our special winter Masala Chai has a rich, fiery, and robust flavour. Producing a fragrant and deep-red brew, it leaves a lasting spiced aftertaste. Inspired by chai-wallahs (tea sellers), one sip and you’re at the local spice bazaar! 

A decadent chai, made with rich, exotic Indian spices. This blend carries the goodness of earthy spices, including cassia, ginger, cardamom, and cloves blended together with black tea. It promises a hearty sip with every brew. 

Rejuvenating and invigorating, this malty, yet earthy infusion helps to re-energize and enhance daily energy levels. With round and savory notes, this masala chai is certain to delight all of your senses!

Known for its robust flavor and citrus overtones, Earl Grey Tea is a popular blend around the world. Whether enjoying a lively cupful with breakfast or an afternoon snack, the relaxing experience brings with it a host of health benefits in each sip. 

The Bergamot in Earl Grey Tea has been known to have a calming effect on people, as well as to boost a person’s mood. This is due to bergamot’s natural aromatherapy qualities. In this way, Earl Grey is a good natural solution for people suffering from depression, stress and anxiety. 

It may not have as much as a kick as coffee, but it does contain enough punch to give you a nice little afternoon boost without keeping you up all night. 

Perfect for cosy autumn afternoons! 

If you’re looking for a morning cuppa to satisfy your need for some “get up and go” while leaving your tastebuds as refreshed, then you’ll absolutely love this black tea! 

The intensely refreshing flavour of this tea will tantalise your senses as the brisk aroma will carry you away on your own personal ray of sunlight. 

This is one of the most intriguing teas you’ll ever taste: full-bodied, malty, and creamy. This brew boasts a rich, deep, reddish hue - a reflection of the passion that goes into the preparation of each individual cup of perfection! 

Our tea is carefully designed with the intention to slow down, take time for yourself and embrace a moment of stillness. From the first sip to the last drop, this tea will inspire you to take on the day! 

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