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Valentine's Day is coming up which, naturally, marks a great opportunity to show your partner how much you love and appreciate them. If you're marking the occasion with a big night (cooking dinner, romantic playlist on, romcom – the works), then you're going to need some mood lighting to help set the right vibe. 

Honouring the beauty and femininity of the Moon and the masculine fire of the Sun, this is the perfect way to tell your special person that they complete you! 

Notes of heady, sensual Lavender and Hyacinth, sugary Honey and Vanilla and, of course, the eternally romantic Sandalwood will create an ultra-relaxed vibe! 

This natural candle is both luxurious and sustainable, which will add a touch of subtle elegance to your evening! 



Valentine's Day means couples on steroids. You can’t bear any more chat from your loved-up friends about where they’re being whisked away to by their one and only. Boasting about day trips, romantic dinners, and exotic flower bouquets... But, don’t panic! We have created the perfect Anti-Valentine Candle to soothe your nerves! 

On a serious note, for some Valentine's Day is a day of chocolates, flowers, and cuddles, but for others, it is a day of sheer and utter depression, torment, and heartache. If you aren't celebrating the power of romantic love and want to avoid it for the day, take time out for yourself and celebrate a self-care day instead! 

Self-care is about acknowledging who you truly are, and truth is, you are a Queen! So, If you are unsure how to tap into your fabulousness, light this candle and meditate, recite affirmations or simply relax and slow down. 


Nothing says "date night" like a bouquet of roses, but who wants flowers that will wilt within a few days when the scent of this longer-lasting candle is just as good? 

Infuse the air with our Heart Pillar Candles – a fun and fruity fragrance inspired by first kisses. Surround yourself with delicious notes of Dark Cherry, Ripe Plum, and Pomegranate Seeds that dance together with Rose, Cherry Blossom, Iris, and Jasmine. 

We particularly love the medley of red and white which instantly stand out on a shelf making it perfect for the person who brightens up your world! 

We can’t get enough of this wonderfully warm, floral, sophisticated fragrance and all agree that it sets the scene for romance! 

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